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Westfield Sport 12 Lap Driving Experience

A unique opportunity to take control of a classic Westfield Sportscar with plenty of old school flair on our adrenalin fuelled driving experience. You will unleash great feats of speed, agility and amazing performance in this very powerful machine as you screech around each corner!

Ideal for anyone thinking of treating themselves to a brand-new Westfield and want a thorough “try before you by” or if you simply want to have a go at taking one round a track to feel the sheer exhilarating power of this incredible car at your command!

You will be assigned one of our professional racing drivers while you take on your 12 laps round the track. They will be there to help or give you any pointers about handling these beautiful pieces of kit.

Driving Experience Itinerary

  • On arrival at the venue, which is scheduled one hour ahead of your ‘Drive Time’, you will be required to fill out all registration forms.
  • You will then receive an introduction to the car with full safety and track briefing plus tips on driving techniques to help you gain the maximum enjoyment.
  • Followed by kitting up with helmet and gloves.
  • Finally you will have a professional racing instructor provided to you as your passenger for your exhilarating experience on the track.


The 2020 season schedule runs from March to October 2020.

  • Driver’s Arrival time is scheduled as one hour ahead of time on track for purposes of registration, briefing and kitting up. It is important to arrive on time for the scheduled arrival time as stated on your booking confirmation. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed their drive.
  • Drivers are provided with a fully sanitised helmet. N.B. Due to covid restrictions, suits are not currently provided and drivers should wear long trousers and long sleeves in order to drive.
  • Due to covid restrictions, all customers will be required to purchase a health and hygiene pack consisting of a brand new balaclava and driving gloves costing £6.
  • Narrow fitting, flat shoes should be worn. These are not provided by Mtech Lite
  • Photos and videos on USB are available to buy when booking and on the day
  • 50% extra track time for 6 Lap customers can be bought upon booking and on the day
  • 50% extra track time for 12 Lap customers can only be bought on the day and only if schedule allows
  • Drivers should expect to be at the venue for approx. 1 ½ hrs
  • Spectators welcome. Children should be supervised at all times. No pets allowed.
  • Light refreshments available to purchase on the day (cash only)
  • Min height 5’ 2”
  • Max height 6’ 8”
  • Max weight: 19st
  • Must be aged 18 and over
  • Health conditions such as heart problems, epilepsy and other illnesses must be disclosed when booking

The following must be provided by the driver upon arrival at the Experience venue:

  • Full Valid UK Photocard Licence (not a photocopy). If Driving licence not from U.K., then passport to be brought in addition to licence
  • Credit Card to guarantee payment of Excess in the event of damage to the car
  • Mtech Lite Booking Confirmation email
  • Voucher (if applicable)
  • Bookings subject to availability
  • Bookings are made by calling our dedicated Booking Line no: 03 333 444 132
  • Booking Confirmation email will be sent immediately following booking
  • Once a date has been booked and confirmed you will automatically become bound by our Terms & Conditions
  • An additional £15 Premium Slot Upgrade is applied between 11.00 hrs and 15.00 hrs (arrival time)
  • Weekends and Bank Holidays are subject to a £35 upgrade

Once booked and Voucher redeemed the Cancellation Policy is:

  • NO refunds for cancellation
  • Re-scheduling of dates booked permissible up to 7 clear days before experience date £30 charge payable
  • Change of drivers’ name £20 admin charge payable
  • In event of cancellation due to inclement weather or for any other reason beyond their control, drivers will be offered an alternate date organised by Mtech Lite
  • Mtech Lite has Public Liabilities insurance cover up to £5,000,000
  • Driver must sign Disclaimer on arrival
  • A Collision Damage Waiver can be bought when booking or on the day for £35 which reduces excess from £5,000 to £500 and provides cover of £20,000 (Credit card details are taken and stored safely for duration of experience and returned to customer afterwards).
  • £20,000 is the maximum cover and in the event that the repairs/replacement cost is more there is nothing further to pay by the driver
  • Standard Collision Cover included in the Voucher/Product price covers the driver for £15,000 with an Excess payable of £5000, should any damage occur to the car.

Car 1: Westfield Sport 1600

(without roll cage)

Tubular space frame

1600 Sigma engine

130 BHP

Gear box:
BGH Geartec 5 speed


5.8 seconds

Top speed:

Car 2: Westfield Sport 2000

(with roll cage)

Tubular space frame

Ford Zetec engine

150 BHP

Gear box:
BGH geartec 5 speed


5.6 seconds

Top speed:

Both cars are road specification apart from running V8 engine radiators, hard-wired cooling fans, slightly taller first gears and narrow rear tyres with 55psi of pressure.

Guinness Book of Records

The most consecutive donuts (spins) in a car is 280 and was achieved by Jamie Morrow (UK) driving a Westfield Sport 1600 at the Silverstone Race Circuit in Bedfordshire, UK, on 4 September 2011. The record attempt was made at "Trax - The Ultimate Performance Car Event" in front of an estimated audience of 5,000 people.


by Malcolm Shaw on Blank Business Name

As an introduction to open wheeled single seater race cars I think this experience is excellent. The car was awesome, The event was well organised and ran like clockwork.

I learned a lot from being able to watch back the onboard video and can’t wait to have another go.

Recommend buying extra laps as once you get into it you won’t want to stop

I had a brilliant time. Many thanks to all at MTech Lite

Malcolm Shaw

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